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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Finally Have My Tattoo!!

So I finally did it. I got my tattoo back in August and I am in love with it.

Although it's simple, its very meaningful to me.

Getting a personal tattoo can be the best thing to have. It gives you a daily reminder of who you are and not to forget to be yourself and stand your grounds.

I love my tattoo. And I know i will never regret it. People look at it and ask why did i get a bear paw print. I always tell them that its very meaningful to me because of my Native American culture.

The real meaning:  It all has to do with my culture. Bear is my animal/medicine. No I dont take a pill of bear supplements each day.  =P

Bears hibernate and is in a constant dream state. So in my culture, Bear means someone who takes their time and receives visions and messages in dream state. They are also very strong and independent. And is also very nurturing and protective.

Anyone who is really close to me knows that all that I said applies to me. Yes I do receive vision/messages while sleeping. I'm very protective over my friends and family. And I am very nurturing. I am very strong and independent. And the most important thing, they all know I take my time with things (especially when i eat. i;m always the last one done.... typically. lol.) Although I do not like lines or waiting at all  =P

Hoping to get more tattoos  <3

Lou Anne


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